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Hi, my name is Amber Warner and I created this blog after my trip to Baikal. Baikal is immense and it takes a lifetime to see every protected part of it. I am not a guide, not a researcher, but a simple tourist who visits this or that location every year and I would like to share my impressions about each of them individually, if possible.
If you want to rest comfortably, then you should take care of housing in advance, for in the high season there is a very high traffic of tourists and the best options can be sold out. Do not be afraid to stay in guest houses, sometimes it happens that you will be accepted with much more hospitality than in the luxury hotel, and for more pleasant money.
Rest in Baikal is not cheap. Especially for those who come from far away and want to have time to see everything. Not including tickets, transportation, excursions and meals, staying at the hotel, you can easily leave several tens of thousands. The level of prices for tours can sometimes be shocking, so this question should be approached wisely and cooperate with other tourists, so the cost will be much lower.
Those who go to the lake on a private car and are going to live in a tent should be prepared for the fact that you have to pay "tribute" for the parking close to the water. 

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